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Why is MSM Allowed to Evade the Federal Trade Commission & Tamper with Evidence & Witnesses?

Why should anyone trust Mainstream Fake News Media to properly and honestly report the anything when we all know they rely on ratings from key demos and only get those ratings by misrepresentation and sensationalism.

You're all incentivized to lie and misrepresent for the very essence of self preservation and for that;

Mainstream Media is the enemy of the people.

The best case scenario, is that the Federal Communications Commission require them to disclose all their sponsors, shareholders, ad contributors, ownership in company by and interdimensional shareholder, pac doner, family member in Government and direct or indirect business holdings by in part or wholely owned subsidiaries or otherwise (As the most basic micro YouTuber is required to do) as a matter of imminent importance to the people, with failure to disclose leading to a minimum 5 year sentence.

This clearly stated in running banners during their entire duration as well as a propaganda disclaimer and disclosure.

In accordance with The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation Of Television and Radio Artist

The Youtube content uploaded as well as all digital downloads fall under the realm of "New Media". However regardless of this, Anchors of MSM do not, and have not ever disclosed sponsors, shareholders, ads, which relevance and application goes beyond just conflict of interest, it bleeds into national security, and possible criminal implications.

Should the Big Wuhan Lie prove to be true, they may be on the hook for conspiracy, tampering with evidence, tampering a witness, accessory to 4M accounts of involuntary manslaughter at best, conspiracy and accessory for bioweapon terrorism at worst.

The same applies to the Hunter Biden story and RINOs who are not pushing for a criminal investigation with prosecution to the full extent of the law should be voted out NOW. How is this not a clear case of tampering with evidence, tampering witnesses, election conspiracy, accessories to Pedophilic behavior or enablers of trafficking thereof.

"The Federal Trade Commission has released a new publication for online influencers that lays out the agency’s rules of the road for when and how influencers must disclose sponsorships to their followers.

The new guide, “Disclosures 101 for Social Media Influencers,” provides influencers with tips from FTC staff about what triggers the need for a disclosure and offers examples of both effective and ineffective disclosures.

The guide and accompanying videos underscore that the responsibility to make disclosures about endorsements lies with the influencer. The guide outlines the various ways that an influencer’s relationship with a brand would make disclosures necessary, and it reminds influencers that they cannot assume that followers are aware of their connections to brands."

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