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Who is "The Deep State"?

Updated: Jun 16

This may the my most important post you ever read up to this point;

Who is the deep state?

Using Tax payer money to give handouts to private companies to build worldwide in hopes we get paid meagers is not is not the capitalism we were taught to support in any Academic Industrial Complex Institution. The idea that the ability to buy shares in them makes it so is an absolute fallacy that implies that people are issued stock upon contract assignments all at the same price and all stock use the exact same pricing model without underwriters getting a reduced rate to then pump and dump to the public and increase their artificial self serving circuit at a compounding rate in an endless looping network of government officials, consulting companies, non profits, speech and book sell money laundering, federal reserve, stock, big tech collusion, hired officials after office by the same elite all under the illusion of capitalism

You may be familiar with an old phrase that states "To create chaos to then fix it". It's written in plain sight on the arms of an occult figure named Baphamet.

Create a virus, to then create the cure, start a war to then hire the military industrial complex to fix it.

To create chaos to then fix it has a unilateral advantage; The maker of chaos becomes the self anointed judge, jury, arbiter, perpetrator and savior giving them unilateral, unelected, unquestioned control of the entire narrative and with it a self sustaining artificial relevance and power in society not by demand or supply, but the opened and closed matrix they created.

This of course, as it's of it's own creation, distorted, self serving and draconian with unilateral service to self and only of this world, can only come at a price and tribute, (humanities life force, economic slavery and otherwise) which is all humanity has ever known up to this point and it needs a false God to sustain it, The Federal Reserve's "In God We Trust".

Why, because it needs it's equal and opposite force sustain it's artificiality.

You see, when life force and services rendered where exchange for an intrinsic fixed currency everyone had a self worth and upward mobility notional value and understanding of it's supply and demand driven upward mobility. We know energy cannot be created or destroyed, Life force/services rendered - Supply & Demand/fixed notional value.

With the introduction of the federal reserve however man became god by its artificial printing of energy, giving them the power of Assignment and anointing the spread of where free money could go with then derivatives thereof shifting at a compounding rate the assignment of energy in tribute for artificial sustainability of the Chaos maker.

"A deal with the devil"

Let me explain, to start a war to then expand the military industrial complex, (one of the first ever backbones of this system) to then hire the private military complex to fix it with taxpayers money military men must die, as well as kids and civilians. That the unwitting tribute whether or not the humans understand it's desire, drive or impulse for the quest of power and the high it gives them without question of WHERE that high is coming from and not HOW?

The phrase "A war on Terror" is within it of itself an oximoron. A war is terror and terror is war as the only terror is terror itself. This as you can see, is an incapsulated looping matrix within it of itself by language, media and academia.

The modern Scientific American Institution, starts with the scientific method, which starts with the observer and his questioning, however what if it's the wrong question? Every test will be a futher perpetuating matrix encapsulating further something that is completely wrong for all intents and purposes for the overall goal of humanity.

Leading to where, for example; the scientific matrix can create a gain of function virus, create chaos with millions in tribute, a vaccine, and be the chaos worker and solution makers, judge juries and arbiters.

So is every one in these institutions "The Deep State"? What about the heads of them?


Everyone alive today has fallen prisoner of this system by the academic industrial complex and the matrix system it sales as capitalism grooming everyone into this narcissistic paradigm programmed by every aspect of the elite matrix head industrial complex. What I mean by this are the systems that work in unison of this chaos worker perpetrators, judge, juries, arbiters and saviors; Academia, Media, Military, Medical, pharmaceutical, scientific, governmental and it's oxigen supplier...


So then, Who is The Deep State?

The Deep State are those at the very top, unelected, unknown that transcend any tenure. Those who fully understand this and are the knowing, able, willing and malicious perpetrators of this and all whom enable them benefiting meagers but whom don't know better... The establishment in the institution.

You see, those matrix heads composite the broader matrix programming of humanity keeping humanity in a perpetual state of programmed slavery absent of free will and in free impulse without comprehension; there is no free will. Identity Politics is another key supplier as it canabalizes Trauma and therefore energy of it's making, for example someone in prison from the fatherhood wound, falling to the media industrial complex for example, to sell the same drugs without license the big pharma supplied into the system for him to then fall to the prison industrial complex. It's the guy who hired the guy, who hired the guy who hired the guy who wrote a script on the teleprompter of the CNN figure or the president for that matter.

We end this by first issue a margin call and assignment to the world banks and the federal reserve cutting it's supply. We require them to put up the cash margin the average American has on all their debt holding and derivatives. If insolvency happens, and it will; the increasingly deflated amount in proportion to insolvency trickles down to the hard asset holder for example, which may be 1/10th the original amount absent the artificial inflation created by the perpetrators of this system and naturally targeting only them. Insolvency would then assign assets and accounts receivable to the social security card holding citizen or equivalent of it's respective county in equal dividend payments as well as all cash printed in the respective county.

Locality would hold the deflated debt locally If one then still couldn't payoff a deflated mortgage over the 30 years and the federal reserve banks printed debt would be at the lower interest rate with citizen direct access.

There is a fallacy that we need the fed for innovation etc. This is untrue. Supply and demand would raise capital for innovation and services people want based on demand as is in true capitalism.

Elites anointing banks free money hand out scalping between rates of money printed and loan issuance is anything but capitalism. It's feudalism, communism adjecent.

Finally we prosecute crimes in proportion of affect-ability top down until we reverse engineering and uproot the core perpetrators of the deep state, finally with that, freeing people from the chaos working bondage that has plagued humanity since the beginning of time. This is not the work of Americans, or the American people, it's the network of global elite that have worked in defiance of the American idealism of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as ONE Nation, under God INDIVISIBLE with LIBERTY and JUSTICE for all.

The Oneness that united us all above the illusions of identity or separation that divide us. That no matter what God we believe in we call come from the same one. All Americans first means trans, gay, straight, black, white, hispanic first, uprooting the globalist network separate controlling the masses in leading through strength and inspiration of personal empowerment, the individual right to defend ourselves from all enemies against these ideals, Forign or Domestic and individually uniting against the same. With that empowering others to do the same in the worldwide uprooting.

This never needed a cover up because no one understood they themselves where programmed to be in on it in the architecture of every system and its climbing.

Celebrities are groomed from the very nature of the casting system before they're even in and the glamour of it attracting the archetype that would do anything for acceptance, it's in the Telling of a vision we were programmed to value, the red carpet, it's origen and in plain sight your featured programming and channeling thereof.

The reign of terror is coming to an end.

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