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Who is Ray Ebbs? FBI Agent? Trump Supporter? Insurrectionist?

Updated: Jun 23

I want to know who this R A Y - E B B B S character is telling people to explicitly storm The Capitol wearing a Trump hat at an appearant BLM march with BLM leaders.

He seems to be FBI trained with a legal and law enforcement background and has not yet been arrested.

Why is this individual found in DC January 6th with a Trump hat explicitly demanding the inside of the Capitol is to be stormed with an FBI trained background not yet been arrested when everyone and their mother have for being there Jan. 6th?

Does the FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation need assistance finding this man?

If so Twitter has tracked him down so he may be arrested and indicted for public congressional questioning.

Here you go...

Would hate for y'all to miss this Trump supporter explicitly inciting an instruction and the only person I've seen doing so from being arrested.

You're welcomed!

It's rather peculiar the only man found to be inciting violence to transpass the Capitol building on video has yet to be arrested of all people. I can't imagine people who work for the government may be more difficult to track down, but I could be wrong.

Peculiar no bueno for the FBI right meaw.

This is the must watch link and twitter thread now!

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