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What are these "U.S Interests" the American people have in in Iraq The Pentagon is babbling about?

What are these alleged interest The American People have in Iraq The Pentagon is blabbing about?!

"Given the ongoing series of attacks by Iran-backed groups targeting U.S. interests in Iraq..." -The Pentagon

Last I checked we don't have a US Territory there!

We cannot let any one person cite Article II to command air strike anything without deep investigations of these so called Milita Statements, who their individual backers are, investigate internal instigations, Globalist Elite ties STARTING WITH anyone in our American domestic ties and jurisdictions that might stand to financially gain from this and extensions thereof.

Finally any abuse of this article should not only be an impeachable offense but a criminally prosecuted with the American people allowing extradition of the president in power to the country in question.

If Joe Biden and handlers acted in bad faith, Let the Iraqi Court have them.

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