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To The Establishment Elite; What Is A Virus?

Why don't we call ringworms, HIV and syphilis "Elite"? Seems a little out of character. because we don't glorify viruses and parasites. We need to stop calling the globalist self serving establishment "elite". The word "elite" strokes their logical justification of they baseless constipated ego. Let's think about the following questions as food for thought, as however they are questions regarding our societal values not statements; What net positive productive output does the Monarchy have in regards to personal productivity? This is not a correlation between tax payer cost VS tourist revenue, this is their personal productivity and societal contribution output. What net positive output does Bill Gates give us? What about the banking arbitors of credit and money printing discrepancies? How efficient is the government of serving its people, protecting our freedoms and constituents values and interests? Per the Declaration of Independence, a government that does not serve its people it is our DUTY to Overthrow. Should the above stated not be individual net producers and contributors of public service, interest, quality of life and experience They are not "elite" they are fat ass overgrown parasites. Let's stop placating to their fragile and fragmented ego by stroking their coping mechanisms. If they have no net positive humanity productivity output in correlation to our values they are the overgrown parasites the world needs vaccinations.

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