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To be America First;

To be American Is not to denounce your roots, but to remember what drove us to this idea of freedom, and prioritize that endeavor of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as ONE Nation under God, INDIVISIBLE with LIBERTY and justice for ALL. If I am correct on this and I hope I'm wrong

, I've decoded the entire end game of the Political establishment and elites against Oneness, God and unconditional love. I am having an increasingly harder time understanding "Anti-Semitism" the more I studied bit, and I've spent... Atleast 50 hours the last few weeks doing so... I keep circling back to this observation and please correct me if I'm wrong; It is safe to say all Religions have a special connection to their God or believe they are some form of chosen over other Religions. As someone who defends religous liberty it's not my role to weigh in or adjudicate that, however this creates the inception of "Other" from within the set group in contrast to... Well everyone else. However, this from any Religion or group becomes problematic when they begin to legislate, move politically, act and advance based on that belief across the board, religion, race, ethnicity, nationality or otherwise. I've listened to every side of the isle, and the pattern I'm seeing, is the anti-semetic rethoric built on somewhat shaky foundations across the board. [Full disclosure, I LOVE Jewish people, in fact I don't think I've met a Jewish person I didn't like, everyone or most of my religous (per say) center is or has a Jewish background if not most and I would do anything for them, I I'm really trying to be objective here, and if there was any subconscious bias it would favor the Jewish people and it 1000% goes against my Political Party that I'm running for congress for...] With that said, there are a few matters I keep seeing over and over that seem to be unilaterally advantageous while making everyone antagonistic in the anti-semetic narrative I want to point out and feel free to rebuttal. The most obvious is the seemingly convinant conflating of the Israeli [Government] Jewish people as a people, the Jewish faith and how it all gets commingled in different gears where a questioning of one gets defended by the other in somewhat of a bait and switch form when it comes to a Political questioning... I see alot of legitimate questions trigger a bait and switch with emotional stories and thus, questioning triggering emotional manipulation and gaslighting. I see any questioning of any one global elite Individual for their actions, immediately rebuttaled as Anti-Semitism. No other group enjoys this widespread defense mechanism. (Someone who attacks Trump's Actions isn't labeled and anti-Christian American Hater) The most visceral attackers of identity politics suddenly became the biggest perpetrators of this, and this to me I found very telling and racist for the following; This country was built on the back of Slavery and yet Black people, have not been given a safe heaven or jurisdiction, nor have Christians, Muslims, Palestinians, Buddhist or anyone else really. If People like Ben Shapiro who built their entire game against identity politics, how can he peddle that generational oppression does not affect blacks but it does Jews... This, it what triggered the biggest Red Flag for me in the anti-semetic narrative, as within it of itself showed to be elitest and racist on his behalf. One cannot fundementally believe both to be true. 2) Transactions and monitary circulation... Varient studies show different figures but generally the Dollar leaves the black community the fastest while Jewish and Asian always seem to rank last... Which has financial implications as a nation within the US, and financial implications of these two groups loyalty to self, or unwilling to play with others. I for one am entirely against discriminatory spending and futher group segregation as we are all one. In the same respect, for the rest of the world who is not one the Oneness bandwagon this has enormous implications Economically as a nation when these two groups have respective Political parties, countries and groups and that includes Mexico (where MY family is from too) The reality is that to me it seems the antagonizing of America first is solely for the degradation of this country and why everyone came here in the first place, those who did willingly anyway. Everyone else seems to enjoy some form of nationalism or identy unless American which would then be labeled racist. If this take is discriminatory, than those who draw themselves in "other" Primarly spend within their communites, are equally as so. With that said, now I see clearly what the implications of race theory, separation and division peddled by the Political elite... Raping this country and all of it's resources and those in it, who genuinely have no identity exactly because their not racist into oblivion by calling America racist with the goal of fueling separation and goal to never arrive to oneness at the expense of exactly those with a pure heart who don't see division or other, we all know to do this is about divide and conquer and how removing God is the pathway to tyrant false God's idol worship.

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