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The TX Ticking Time Bomb, Property Taxes. Going off in less than One Year.

Texas has a ticking time bomb and I am concerned no elected official understands it, the implications of it and what's about to happen by next year with mathematical precision if not sorted out.

Trying to stop or slow down inflation at this point with verbiage political attack mumbo jumbo, at this point, would be entirely performative and to late to stop this, thus property tax reform is not only long overdue, the will of the constituents, the conservative thing to do, but also now a party existential one.

As a Congressional candidate for federal office in TX-14, what is the best way we can serve the Texas property tax time bomb and moving this forward running for federal office?

The most immediate thing I can thing of is bringing the issue to prominent discourse to but pressure on all other offices, but there must be more I can do!

The very essence of freedom lies on this issue. We do not pay taxes over our iPhones every year, or anything else we own on earth.

Futhermore it perpetuates economical slavery rooted in artificial scarcity affecting not only home owners, but the lower and middle class most as taxes get passed on to renters and blocking their approval for the home ownership barrier to entry as taxes are priced into the approval process.

I am certain this is in fact the most existential economic threat to Texas and all red stated as their people cannot withstand inflation the way blue states with higher minimums can because the margins by which their live and operate are so thin for the people them.

A national 6% inflation with a 15 dollar minimum wage floor in CA is, for lack of better example a 12% impact of a minimum wage floor of 7.50 in Texas for example.


Well because the rates of productivity and units of production are not 1:1 with wages. If a barista makes 20 iced coffees an hour, that additional 7.50 is spread over 20 units and without factoring in other variables each coffee would be 42.5 cents more. If all consumers where paid minimum wage that's a 3% inflation to their hourly wage which could be withstood. If people walk to work in NYC or the train goes up 10% for the month, the rate of use and dollar cost average of it in contrast to the benefit it provides in their life could be much easier absorbed in a per use basis than, per say gas doubling in Texas with a 20mi commute.

Although these examples are entirely theoretical you can see the point, scale of exponential impact and the lack of margin in red states with withstand this.

As I run for office and meet the political world of Texas I've realized how grossly incompetent these people are, who's only skill seems to be polarized pandering, performative wokeness and begging for money.

With my background in derivatives, analytics, technical and fundamental analysis for large cap companies I can say as a statement of fact this issue and it's spread will slaughter Texans and the Texas economy at large, and elected politicians have absolutely no idea the time bomb and implications of it if we don't change this by the next year cycle.

Anything I can do to help please let me know.

Finally, I keep saying this; You must vote everyone out with lobbying interest which is exactly why we have incompetent leadership, because the standard is whichever mediocre candidate can best bend like a pretzel gets the money, then fight all solutions for then the sole reason of self preservation. Protest the schools taking our tax money to then give it to firms like The Texas Municipal League Pushing to "Shake the trees" out of Texans via property taxes!

You are in fact responsible for the people you elect and enablers of their actions thereafter.

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