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The Only "Great Reset" That can restore capitalism and democracy. Uproot it's original sin.

Updated: Jun 27

It's time to finish the works The Great Ron Paul Started.

We do need, The Great New Earth Reset...

You see;

Truth is neither partisan or complex. The lies we tell to bypass, subvert and circumvent the truth are in fact, what perpetuates a complex matrix of lies and political theater.

The Truth is, in order to return to democracy and Sovereign capitalism, We do need a "Great Reset". One that ends it's original sin, The Federal Reserve Banking System. This is the ONLY Truth, and true solution.

I disagree with the "Government must regulate feaudalism" though, In a perfect world of a sovereign reset one would get rid of The Federal Reserve, clawback corporate benefits instituting by the Federal Reserve and make all bank leverage and derivatives due effective immediately or liquidate their assets, void bank leverage in excess of those accessible to an individual by corralated asset class. Mortgages could be converted, if Banks don't have the liquidity for mortgage assignment without leverage in excess to what's available to the public, the deflated outstanding balance is what would be converted as the outstanding debt.

Ban and restrict mergers in excess of X amount of valuation [control] (not worth) this would shift publicly traded companies ""valuations, buy backs, forward earnings, etc." Pricing and priorities, with standardizes shares available past X amount of company valuation available for public offering removing artificial inflation by derivatives, buy backs, The Federal Reserve and tipping scales. All purchases in excess of XYZ acres in any jurisdiction must be subject to free and fair elections of the local constituents for approval, this would be the inception of a new form of truly democratic government and Sovereign capitalism.

Void the dollar and give the people the GDP equivalent, let the people, LLC, S-corps, C-Corps under 10M (small businesses) keep their existing assets, mortgages, rentals and properties and GO!

May the services, talents and creativity with most demand Win in Sovereign capitalism

This would really only reset the cronyism and illigalities the "Globalist Elite" who have unfairly benefitted entirely outside of capitalism and democracy with artificial tipping of the scales and the complex lies they've told in its perpetuation.

All else would be omitted.

This video is How Crony the Capitalism seen today (feudalism) always leads to revolt and revolution...

I guess someone missed this chapter in pairing trickle down economics with The Federal Reserve.

PS; I find that the news "in part funded by the Russian Government" is much better at reporting than American propaganda funneled through feudalism, back end deals and holding companies to circumvent the "Partly funded by American establishment Trash" label.

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