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The Olympics should substantiate their evidence in their marijuana ban.

The Sha'Carri situation is so sad and heartbreaking, and I greatly respect AOC's passion, but I take huge issue with saying, her situation, or the marijuana ban is "racist"

To say it is racist implies that people of color cannot follow rules or control their impulses based on the color of their skin.

It further implies that only people of color smoke marijuana while federally against the law and tangos with an implication people of color have a harder time following federal law meanwhile most people I (personally anecdotally know) who smoke or consume marijuana are white.

If the Olympics (a private organization I have no particular care or interest for) said it is against it's rules to chew blue bubble gum 48h prior and Sha'Carri did, she would be equally disqualified.

Part of the implications of the Olympics, (from my general understanding of performance competition) is general discipline and self restraint; neither things my pinchable abs can comment on, it also seems to have role model implications, all which standards I do find antiquated.

Now, the idea that marijuana “can be performance enhancing,” I find unsubstantiated, and would petition the grounds by which it formulated this conclusion and request to have such evidence published to keep such rule in place by which failure to do so I would personally boycott for its unfounded and unsubstantiated rules.

At that point, I would in fact question the motivation for any unsubstantiated rules of the game and if such unsubstantiated evidence builds a theme, and it looks like it might from the ban on the haircaps, I would inquire further clarification by which failure to provide I would take issue with sponsors and call for broader inquiry over the possibility of a systematically racist institution by means of unsubstantiated arbitrary rules.

I suppose a case could be made should the evidence remain unsubstantiated, between Religious discrimination or Rastafarians in corralation to the percentage demographics of such and athletic build thereafter of such practitioners.

Either way moving forward, it is best for The Olympics to substantiate their evidence for this ban.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defends Sha'Carri Richardson, says pot ban is "racist"

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