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Restoring Empowerment to the Republican Party

To stand for "Limited Government" is to stand for Soverign Collective and individual "FREE WILL" The Republican Party has lost its way because it has FORGOTTEN mentally, emotionally and SPIRITUALLY what it stands for. It is NOT In History book and it is NOT at church or in the bible unfortunately. The Founding of America follows universal laws. No matter what God you believe in we come from the same one. The party has sunken in consciousness to nothing beyond polorized pandering and gridlocking performative wokeness. When was the last time you bought a car because you liked the breaks? Never. The Republican Party was the Party of God First (Not Dogmatic, bigoted God made in man's image God) but the Universal Law of no matter what God you believe in we come from the same one God. The Universal Principals of Free Will, (Limited Government) Physical, Mental and Spiritual Freedom, Freedom of Speech and religion. (freedom from slavery, and Freedom from religion while Respecting it) Healthcare as an eminent need to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. (it was a republican idea first) These were all congruent because we stood for something rooted in Universal Law free from hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance. We must once again rise to a party of universal laws, ideas, solutions and transcend gridlocking performative wokeness and histrionics.

The Next Reasonable Frontier for the Republican Party is "The New Earth Republican Party" or a "Rememberance Republican Party" .

Currently the Party is in the collective Dark Night of the Soul Stage of Resurrection without crucifixion. It will have to re-emerge anchoring in the world leadership of soverign free will individually and collectively with limited government.

One nation under God Indivisible with liberty and justice for all. Leading the world Collective in Remembering;

-God/Source First (No matter what God you believe in we come from the same one)

-Cosmic Universal Law -Freedom (Collective and individual defenders of free will, free speech, safety and mental, emotional and spiritual soverignty safeguarding our financial soverignty) -The Divinty in Creativity and promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation (Very far removed from a party of baseless tax breaks and corporate greed)

-The Party that Freed the slaves and fights for the unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and justice for all without equivocation, mental reservation or secret evasion.

-The Party that will facilitate New Earth via open exploratory policy (Not enabling corporate recklessness, fraud, gridlock and doublespeak) this is the difference between facilitating New technologies like blockchain NFT's to democratize capitalization of wealth via creativity by allowing ingenuity and creative entrepreneurship as a great equalizer; VS having only 2 internet providers to choose from via gridlock. As you can see one is a clear path and vision based on democracy and Divinty and the other is some unrecognizable distorted paradigm not a single soul would ever vote for.

"Conservative" implies the idea of conserving a dark age of humanity. Its not really a term that reflects the values it's members resonate with to others, there just hasn't been anyone to articulate the energetic resonance of the Party. No one wants or cares for a party of gridlock anymore than anyone likes to vote for someone only because they're not the other. After the dark night the party will come to full circle Rememberance of the principles of the founding fathers and the Rememberance of One God Source Consciousness.

The Republican Party has to be a alot more compelling than Blocking all things Nancy Pelosi, Gridlocking and ""Fiscal Responsibility"" debt cealing Performative Wokeness. Its a dumb narrative, Fiscal Responsibility is important, but we are still paying for the first world war and our standard of living is significantly better.

"Restricting hard working Americans from their own money" is just not something I'm running out the window to vote for. Cut the wars and all global spending then I might listen. I love The Republican Party because of the values I understand as a Mystic, Freemason and Earth Angel Legion - Earth Council of Light - Galactic Federation. I couldn't understand for the life of me however anyone without such intuitive understanding would be republican though.

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