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Pro-Life abortion, trafficking, unemployment and immigration in one swift trigger.

The easiest way to deal with abortion and illigal immigration and even trafficking is to shift the burden of fatherhood proof to the father and instantly diverting child support to the mother first while strengthening the mother's protections.

The father could contest the claim by which the mother would have a 30-90 way window to comply with the paternity test to void the diverted check with clawback.

Should the father not "work" mandatory 40h of community service required for the government to issue the check entirely disincentivizing underwater jobs or becoming a bum and certainly fill many jobs.

Should the father be a minor the charge would come from the parents check pressuring the minor to get an after school job and by 18 would be conditioned to work.

Thus, any illigal citizen would be entirely unable to benefit from the American system across the board by defacto and with no need for ICE.

Futhermore when we track our dollars and cents and all it's spending, we become much more cognizant of where our money is going all while trimming bureaucracy.

If we treat the sanctity of Life the same lifetime responsibility of HIV, trust and believe people would quickly learn how to value life.

A baby is not "Your" body, but it takes two to tango and responsibility should be equal weighted to the ease of evasion.

We would have the most beautiful streets America has ever seen.

Video on how below;

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