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Criminal Negligence Cuomo Has Tax Payers Foot His Sexual Harassment Legal Bill.

This is yet another example of big government loopholes and bureaucracy that keeps, enables and empowers the most draconian behavior from the establishment in the institution.

We must introduce legislation that blocks Tax Payer's from paying for politicians reckless abandon acts of indiscretions.

In order to make a fair and democratic playing field there must be some fundraising or campaign threshold that if exceeded, it is them who must pay for these scandals.

Part of the issue is we need some system of protection in place that prevents political opponents to file frivolous lawsuits to bankrupt a campaign and thus, why the state presumably pays for it.

With Governors like Cuomo consistently pushing the envelope however this must be addressed.

Something we can consider is the state or the people of New York suing Cuomo for clawback if found guilty for legal fees, piercing all corporate veils, foreign and domestic bank accounts and in part or wholely owned bank accounts, businesses or subsidiaries with failure to disclose resulting in a 5 year minimum sentencing.

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