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Medium Between Capitalism & Public Safety

In Texas As far as electricity and regulatory matters go in light of recent events and price gouging, Should an argument for "free market" continue such companies should be subject to a stress test as banks and any other industry is. In addition barriers to entry of such industries should be re examined and in the spirit of capitalism have anti-oligopoly measures in place where a consumer may select multiple plans and will full disclosure of variable rates of such company going back at least 5 years and spike average in the area, and 10 if the company is older than so. I do believe in a small tax that already comes out of the mortgage taxes for a social utility backup system where companies may write of weatherizing their equipment and the small tax maintains appropriate reserves that if even triggered, the socially sustained backup charges the electric company in full at supply and demand rate of such failure which would then be issued as dividend reimbursements to the homeowner for bailing out the grids electrical social trigger.

Greg Abbott if I get approved for my move to Texas City I think you should obviously back me too so I can help this scathing hot mess work out that works for the free market and in the spirit of free market while also working for Texans and making sure this never happens again.

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