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It is time to Defund the Globalist and Abolish The IRS and Unwind The Federal Government.

It is time we defund the federal government and put an end The IRS. To defund the the Federal government is to defund the globalist using politicians to launder our tax payer dollars from the American people to self serving globalist using Americans as shield for their war crimes with no allegiance to America or The American People. The Federal Government has failed the American People on all accounts and we need a Congress that will get this done and begin the unwinding process! -Defund the globalist criminal gangs -Defund The IRS -Defund economic slavery -Defund government money laundering our life force for the illusion of fiat to globalist -Defund 20 Years collapsed in a week -Defund tax payer waste of money and precious lives in Vietnam and Afghanistan -Defund The Sickness Industry -Defund Gain of Function -Defund a failed education system and critical race theory. -Defund The Failed War on Drugs funneled by the pharmaceutical industrial complex. -Defund the CDC -Defund the federal police state shutting down American businesses -Defund The FBI, NSA, CIA whom have brought insurrection on The Constitution and The American People. -Defund Fiat Currency who's brought an Insurrection to democracy, Capitalism and the World. Capitalism IS NOT contingent on Funding Global Imperialist. Democracy is ABSOLUTELY NOT contingent on Funding Globalist. If the majority of the people prefer the Taliban over the CIA democracy worked. DO NOT FORGET Osama Bin Laden was SPAWNED From OUR Tax funded CIA. Our Tax Dollars. The Only Global Terrorism I see, are the Globalist and The Federal Government using the American People as economical slaves for their own self service agenda with no allegiance to the American people. It is increasingly clear all of these wars are for the Globalist in tribute of the American people. The fact that the biggest talking points as it pertains to Afghanistan are their resources valued at 3T. Ironically 3T is what we the people are footing the bill for. But who was going to get these 3T dollars in resources no one signed up to go to war for? We The People? Where we going to get dividend payments over those 3T dollars WE are paying for? We've paid taxes, and gone to war so that the same companies that get free printed money federal hand outs WE THE PEOPLE finance via tax and via inflation to pay back the bond holders whom own The American Economical Slave. That is not capitalism. It is tax payer money laundering economic slavery. This isn't about American safety, this is about America being a globalist War Criminal safe heaven at the shield and the expense of the American People. That tax money could go to bringing jobs back to the homeland, microchips back to America First as a matter of National Security, education, healthcare, etc. Global imperialist hiding behind the American People are not expanding your empire or paying your mortgage. It is at your expense however, your taxes, inflation you pay for so that The IRS can pay the bond holders who own us, that's why we have an SSN’s. It is why politicians have no allegiance to “We The People” Defund The IRS, assign and margin call the Federal Reserve. If they can't post 1/4 of all debt and assets management assets, We The People reposes their assets, accounts receivable, homes at then Dis-inflated rate by which fiat to hard assets were artificial held. We must take back capitalism, our country and ownership to the everyday American. To Defund the federal government is to defund the global Imperialism with allegiance to America or the American people. It has used us as Economic Slaves for their self serving money laundering. All money must stay within the the states. -Local Police -Local Education -Local Milita The federal government has been a war machine whom hijacked Capitalism and The Constitution with The Federal Reserve de-pegging from Gold. In so anointing themselves as God In unilateral control of energy exchange for Currency in services rendered, allowing themselves to defer intrinsic accountability and assign spreads of money anywhere that could be hidden (Government bureaucracy and cronyism). Time to end the Federal Government's centralized role, time for states to take back the military. They have offered the American People as tribute to economical slavery for the laundering of the fiat money worked for to the bloating of the globalist with no allegiance to America. Video Detailing how to fix the world economy in a week here; PS: I will work tirelessly to end this as I run for Congress in TX-14. If my campaign message resonates with you please consider donating on the link below so we may raise awareness of the reality of the situation. This campaign is about so much more than just myself. The more people understand this the more will be unable to unsee it and we can mobilize massive change. Every dollar donated is a handful of views that can mobilize the world. Donate here;

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