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It is not a "Swamp" They are "Criminal Gangs" as defined by Federal Law. #RLDForCongress

Updated: Jun 3

Someone Lied to y’all and told you guys it was a swamp. It’s not a swamp, it seems to be a “Criminal Gang” as defined by Federal Law!

“Currently, federal law defines the term “gang” as “an ongoing group, club, organization, or association of five or more persons:

(A) that has as one of its primary purposes the commission of one or more of the criminal offenses described in subsection (c);

( the members of which engage, or have engaged within the past five years, in a continuing series of offenses described in subsection (c); and

(C) the activities of which affect interstate or foreign commerce.” 18 USC § 521(a).

Current federal law describes the term “gang crime” as:

(1) “A federal felony involving a controlled substance (as defined in Section 102 of the Controlled Substances Act (21 USC § 802)) for which the maximum penalty is not less than five years.

(2) A federal felony crime of violence that has as an element the use or attempted use of physical force against the person of another.

(3) A conspiracy to commit an offense described in paragraph (1) or (2).” 18 USC § 521(c).”

This seems to be overtly present in both establishment political parties across the board from big pharmaceutical regulations, lobbying, collusion, conflict of interest and control, to inciting violence across party isles.

We don’t just need one political presidential insurgent, it seems we need a seismic shift and all new people as across the board as a matter of paramount federal importance!

Until we transcend or vote out all establishment politicians there will be no individual accountability as they hide behind party polarization, deflection and party gaslighting.

We must stop pointing the finger at “political parties” and hold them individually accountable without allowing them to deflect or involve the entire party to polarize the masses while deflecting individual accountability and perpetuate trauma bonds with political affiliation.

Even worse, A hallmark of narcissistic control, cults, gangs, manipulation and abuse is to fragment a person ideology, by doing so they can successfully bypass any real question, accountability or answers. This by turning the then fragmented pieces against an individual or collective, effectively causing them to turn on each other within a single person or group. In doing so able to manipulate them off of the fragmentation they themselves created.

Thus then they successfully become the judge, jury and arbiters of someone’s entire ideology and use incendiary comments, words, content (media) to then leverage and canibalice the nations wounds while simultaneously perpetuating them for their own self serving, self sustaining, advancement with no absolution or solutions for their parasitic self preservation.

I have a concrete plan to drain it by legislation and preventing it from happening again.

I propose an internal investigation to discern to what degree big pharma and scheduled drugs overlaps bills, donations, prosecutions, laws and biases as well as all relevant legal overlaps across the board and actions thereof who's corporate consequences in collusion and with enabling of government or agency officials would result in charges as accomplices weighted and charged by counts and damages.

This to also investigate with live public disclosure of all accounts, business owned in part or whole as well as wholly or in part owned subsidiaries, public speaking engagements above subject matter fair market value, product sales otherwise with failure to disclose punishable with no less than a 5 year prison sentence.

For example a representative that may have known or questionable election practices or flint water problems that may have led to death would be charge with Involuntary manslaughter by number of accounts by which full extent of the law would be the minimum sentencing should they have knowing, able and willingly kept it a secret, by which if they didn't it would chain to they may have disclosed to and did nothing punishable for the same. Media disclosure would be a sufficient defense whereby if suppressed they would be the ones charged.

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