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Restoring Confidence In Voter Integrity Act

No American Excluded Voter Confidence Restoration Multi-Prong Approach Act;

-Secure Elections by Biometric Software & Indefinite Public Access Verification while securing Identity Citing only last 4 of DMV-ID, Vote, Zip Code and/or Last 4 of Social and Two of Phone Number and ZIP, Numerical Address Number or any combination thereof. Even if only the Voter can verify Their own vote all through the process. Such software is already used by government for unemployment, Address changes would also be immediately tracked and instantly generate the voting ballot of such party’s proper jurisdiction with all state laws already programmed into the software or updated immediately. Even if such program were “hacked” the verification would be available and cited by the individual and collective if need by all through the process and should any excess votes per address or zip code registered voted it would to publicly known instantaneously to all pinging a county Biometric Re-verification in seconds such as broker platforms like “Interactive Brokers” already use.

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