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How Critical Race Theory is integral to the "Own Nothing and Be Happy" Plan.

The reason for a systemic agenda to subvert the American people to identify solely to their most primal instincts, traumas and impulses; is because people who are reduced to their most basic enmeshments will never empower themselves to question the trauma bond the establishment Developed even if they burn all else down.

What this therefore allows is a Globalist corporatist agenda with no allegiance to America or humanity anywhere to expand their privatization worldwide without being questioned surrendering freedoms, ownership and otherwise.

This then to keep people in mental emotional and Spiritual bondage by simply Pacifying their most primal instilled trauma responses, impulses and coping mechanisms. This then reducing people to a basic shell of identity emotional imprints in subversion of their potential, freedom, liberty and unconditional love becoming significantly more difficult to reach.

This primal identity subversion is the only way to come a "own nothing and be happy" goal. It's obvious for the awakened to see how interdependent industrial complex work to sustain this "create chaos to ""fix"" it" making the Globalist the judge, jury, arbiter perpetrator and saviors of humanities continued enslavement as the people finance their own bondage.

To do this they must also attack all higher power not imposed by institutional dogma or religion that can't be canabalized by the identity narrative.

With the knowing of a higher power, people cannot be reduced to primal impulses to then bow to the idol worship of authority. This is also why taxation is also so draconian, not only is it the most existential threat to liberty or freedom, especially property taxes, but it's entirely the wrong issue.

Tax dollars are laundered to private corporations to pay people meagers maintaining them in bondage...Further exacerbated by the Federal Reserve...

I explain economical bondage in great detail here...

The only tax should be to disincentivize globalist corruption like taxing dollars printed, artificial scarcity or empty properties and divided equally to all Americans social security card holders.

The only way this fiat artificial system works is by creating the equal and opposite force for its parasitic preservation which is the matrix industrial complex, prison, military etc.

To the federal reserve but then also keep people in an artificial identity & false sense of self.

Weaponizing the gender, identity and sexuality charges catapults and exalt the most aggressive, primal and survivalship instics keeping people in bondage from the root of their being with the ability to cannonball all the charge, pain, survivalship, will power and potential as ecoplasma anywhich way the Globalist and their institutions would like offering the higher potentiality as tribute with it keeping the world in bondage at the root.

Minorities, blacks, LGBTQQIA+, etc. Our pain, trauma and past are the tribute canabalized for a nefarious agenda yet again and why this is all so much more awful and draconian if you care about the rights of any sovereign human being. The deepest pain in humanity with valid concerns are being exalted, leveraged, exacerbated and cannibalized for the most draconian elite human greed and impulse possibly in history.

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