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RLD For Congress

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Fundemental Tax Reform for Entrepreneurship & People- Cut out Government Fat.

The ONLY Taxation I'm for is that which will disincentivize Corp. & Gov. Actions that hurt all Americans (manipulating markets by artificial scarcity) While cutting property taxes to ;

-30% Tax on housing units sitting empty; -50% tax on all money printed. -50% tax on items destroyed.

50% of Tax divided as dividends to every social security card holder. This will tackle inflation on the front end shielding the Americans from nefarious government bureaucracy.

-Hedge our kids debt -Fix homelessness -Address Environmental Concerns -Address minimum wage -Health care affordability

The fight for living wages tackled by giving business 100% tax write off for every dollar they pay over state minimum wage to entry level employees should they opt. In. Along with rises in wages caused by this thereafter.

I would also propose a fundemental restructuring of the corporate tax system that is much more favorable to corporations, but tax wasteful actions that hurt everyone for no real reason beyond bringing capital gains closer to zero; such as possibly stock buybacks as some form of self dealing market manipulation by constriction tax, etc. Targeting the corporate board but not the American shareholders. Etc.

In addition cutting government handouts to business and companies that hurt Americans and consider a excise tax on items that will inevitably strain the system, such as health tax on soda parallel to gasoline, sugar, Corn syrup, alcohol, MSG, hormone filled foods, sodium above X calories, etc. While simultaneously making certain healthy foods proven to fortify the immune system a tax write-offs, natural oranges, Garlic, beans, water, etc. The food excise tax would be pooled exclusively for healthcare cost as people pay into what may eventually become a problem if uninsured. I would also support a 100% write off on corporations transition to this;

(For example Cost by McDonald's to shift to a beyond burger or organic hormone free model) where by personal responsibility people are empowered to healthier choices in a system which isn't based on the healthy conscious to directly or indirectly subsidize the conscious unhealthy choices by making the healthy more affordable than that which isn't, lowering the cost of the latter, not rasing the prior. Any green energy budget should go straight to the people as a subsidy or write off to go solar on personal home improvement etc. ie. The installation of solar in single family homes, or budget divided by Units then appropriate percent.

Shifting the world from perpetual degradation for government bureaucracy and the shadow money which fuels it for parasitic self preservation; to one that limits government, empowers the people, lower taxes, and shifts to Americans First inside and out.