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Fauci Doesn't remember, isn't Guantanamo there for memory assistance in these precarious cases?

"I don't remember" X Dr. Criminal Negligence Fauci must be the new "I don't Recall".

As I understand, Isn't the Guantanamo there to help people remember?

Seems Fraudci needs some assistance with jotting his memory.

"Gain of Function" didn't serve us at all during the world's deadliest pandemic of our time and if Guantanamo won't serve us for the potentially world's largest case of Bioweapon Terrorism in getting the truth from potential conspirators we might was well shut them both down now and if the largest account of involuntary manslaughter isn't in prison then we might as well release everyone today.

If the political establishment can't hold accountability for what could be the world's deadliest act of involuntary manslaughter by criminal negligence at best, accessory to Bioweapon Terrorism and 4M accounts of murder and counting at worst not including questions about AIDS then they need to be voted out and recalled YESTERDAY.

Because no one signed up to die for the sins of the establishment in the institution we pay taxes to in the cheap illusion we need protection.

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