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End Corruption Multi-Prong Approach.

End Corruption Multi-Prong Approach I will introduce should I be voted in.

-Percent based penalties for egregious corporate greed at no less than 150% of action gains or 100% of the running quarters should accounting formulas be overly creative. 15% to government management and balance in dividend distributions to affected parties of principal plus alpha (S&P500)

-25% Jury weighted public opinion (

-1/10 federal cases nomination by public interest with open court dockets and accountability over the parties, judges AND Regulatory agencies whom too may be nominated to investigation.

-Large cap corporations or figures 10M< nominated found guilty of such egregious federal actions, fraud, greed, conflict of interest, front running, or otherwise found guilty would make any and all corporate veils revocable of all companies, shell companies of relevant controlling interest by which the minimum 150% penalty would be lined and liquidated immediately and assets instantly frozen upon entering public interest nomination. Should such be a company all forward earnings would would go into the lean collection first with no eligibility for bankruptcy. (The same way College students aren’t) if knowledge is permanent, white collar is far more so.

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