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I never have and never will take any dollar for granted. As someone who has sacrificed everything for what I believe in over and over again this campaign is not about me, but what we all believe fighting through me.

As someone that's invested my own money in my beliefs over and over again my campaign messages are not about fear mongering or alarmist ways to ask for money. I create, script, edit and write all my own content and I am proud to say I maximize the impact, scale and efficiency of the message we all believe in with every dollar given and I am happy to continuously prove that.

for example one of my ads comprehensively detailing the depths of corruption in our government with cited federal definitions of what constitutes a "Criminal Gang" and its overlap with our political parties has been liked over 120 times, seen by over 1,000 people and shared dozens of times for only 12.00 in Ads spent so far.

not because it is sensational, fear mongering or alarmist but because it deeply resonates, it's factual, practical and solution oriented. That's the kind of efficiency and impact I am bringing to Washington and adding to the political discourse.

Donated Money is for my Congressional run, yes. However the messages outlive and outlast me as a candidate and values while Republican transcend party lines while in alignment with the deepest values of the GOP, I quite franlky believe we have forgotten, and for that reason I believe my capaign and platform will be a great catalyst in our Keeping America Great Endeavor and its legacy.

If you could donate now any amount to my campaign I promise to work every waking moment to deliving the maximum impact and efficiency to expanding and fortifiying your believes and values as one Nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all and conveying so far and wide beyond myself.

In God we trust, In Jesus Name.


Thank You.

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