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Dear Blue Jurisdictions, Where The Hell is the money!? GOP, WTF are you doing about it!?

GOP cannot let The eviction moratorium end bypassing systemic blue state negligence at best, money laundering at worst.

California has only distributed rent relief to 2% of its applicants in six weeks, or 122 people.

That's THREE applications A DAY! One unemployed person is burning more calories eating chips than the whole state department rent relief department.


Where the hell is the money Gavin Newsom ?

If evicted The applications are voided.

Who could that convenience?

All while EDD is a year behind on some applications, California sure took the federal money though.

The metric by which the eviction moratorium is lifted should be contingent on 90% of funds being disbursed of all federal relief money printed.

Otherwise this would be the greatest money laundering scheme in history.

This degree of negligence if not fixed immediately must be addressed at the federal level.

LOOK DEEP in here. There must be a whole swamp at the top.

This is neither partisan, republican or democrat, this goes to the core of the establishment using Americans as a Political football in tribute to the self serving systems of corruption, money funnels and reckless abandon by the political elite.

It was not the will, work or lack thereof of any American socioeconomic class to halt businesses, jobs, travel, etc. and should be the last to be made pay for the narratives and actions from both sides of the aslie.

Who handled it best is greatly irrelevant to most people today, but it's mostly one side of the Aslie who's controlled the narrative who also happens to be holding everyone for ransom to antagonize a the rest who never asked to be on board with this narrative to begin with.

We cannot even have a conversation on why jobs are not being filled until all funds are disbursed currently held by state level bureaucrats...

The question is then;


Don't let the establishment elite deflect by blaming the unemployed... Their checks are all lost in the mail!

As always, all the money is somewhere at the top of the swap.

This is the only congressional investigation anyone should care about!

We should know exactly how many people are working in these federal departments, how many calls they're taking, what their roles are, where the bottlenecks are, where is the lag in processing, is there unnecessary bureaucratic roles so we may find if there is any place where willful malice may fall in the process where even the most well intended employees may be bind sighted. Something tells me inefficiency is in fact the goal.

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