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Covert Socioeconomic war on Red States - Developer & Home Value ""Short Squeeze""

My New campaign circuit schedule and meetings will go over the basics of hedging as my background is in educational financial derivatives. Its important to helping home developers and the people of TX-14 understand how to price lock and hedge their positions for their materials and development and aquire general applicable financial literacy.

It is alarming to me, that Texas elected officials or Texans at large do not understand the degree and magnitude by which Texas and Red States are being "short squeezed" for lack of a better term.

It breaks my heart I expressed my concern for what's happening today back in December and didn't do more to convey the implications and importance to them at the time, but from an ethical stand point didn't out right say they're positions must be hedged.

Texas particularly is in a unique target because it is targeting Texas existing home owners and developers while circumventing new potential out of state buyers from places like CA and NY and what seems to be a laser target to Texan republicans directly while leaving Texans to turn on their local Politicians not now, but in the fever pitch of it all in the next elections.

We can no longer afford performative wokeness pandering politicians who do nothing because they know nothing. This is not about race, gender, religion, orientation or whatever other pandering deflection, its a socioeconomic well orchestrated covert war against America First.

I love my community of Lago Mar and hope to help anyone and everyone interested in understanding the present financial situation in my district to protect and empower themselves from this Red State squeeze we are seeing.

To say property Taxes must be cut right away is an understatement however there is a silver lining to it and it could prove to be extraordinarily beneficial for states like Texas on multiple accounts I'm back testing and it would catapult states like Texas forward while cutting property taxes, becoming more independent and ricochet this economic Divergence safeguarding Texas and making voters happier than ever with leadership.

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