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"China Virus" Racist? Or Shocking Mental Circuit Breaking Truth?

China" is not a people,

Merging China with Asians, The CCP, the Asian Community and the Chinese people is within it of itself racist and ignorant.

I will unapologetically continue to say "China Virus" because I ACTUALLY DO LOVE and care about the Asian Community and Chinese people.

Both whom are being systemically killed today by the same "China" systemic policies, treatment of animals, trafficking and otherwise that brought us the virus. I will continue to say it because it's still happening today. We must stand for, defend and protect all people and especially The Asian Community during this time.

Notice never once was it "Chinese Virus" that was unilateral media gaslighting. "China" is not a people. If anyone is hurt from the phrasing it is due UNILATERALLY to the Media's willful gaslighting and race bating in order to deflect from holding the CCP Accountable. It was the media who chose to sacrifice the safety and sovereignty of the Asian community in tribute to deflect, protect and cover for the CCP and chose to make it about something it's not. If the Establishment cared about Asian Americans they would be talking non stop about the actions China is taking against it's people today.

Neither The media or the establishment elite give a flying french fry about any Asian person. Spare me the Performative Wokeness Mother Marry Histrionics. This is all about Joe Biden's promise to restore the reputation of THE CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY in tribute of Asian Americans.

Anyone coming to the US from any country will openly tell you the horrible systemic governmental corruption in their respective countries. This is no secret. It is the media who incessantly polorized and chose to spotlight race in a rhetoric that within of itself does not even pertain to race or even people. Rather than clearly discerning between the CCP, system and institution and Asian people (as we do with anything and anyone else) they chose to merge the two with malice, engineering how a breaking point would harness and trigger from a deeply scared and wounded country and knew how to catapult it for an Establishment promise to restore the reputation of The CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY In Tribute of its people. Is "China Virus" incendiary? Yes, as is the actions the CCP is taking against the people we are claiming to care about. It was intended to be incendiary because people need alarms to wake up (literally and figuratively speaking). What it never was intended to be is racist, but the media will perpetuate, incite, and provoke all kinds of violence to push an agenda.

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