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CCP Virus?

Findings by Alina Chan, A molecular biologist at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT pertaining to Coronaviruses;

"The remarkable stability of the virus, whose genome had barely changed from the earliest human cases, despite trillions of replications."

Correct me if I'm wrong, and thank you so much for your work Alina Chan,

I'm not sure the point is whether Fauci "deliberately" created such, rather whether Covid 19 is a consequential mishap of his doing.

Also to what degree funding can happen indirectly or double speak by Fauci

These concerns not as matter of conspiracy, but drilling down on an investigation by first principals and deductive reasoning beyond mask mumbo jumbo as a matter of imminent public interest with far more implications for the entire world than Russia anything.

Just to clarify, I do not believe that Fauci deliberately released this virus nor do I believe any US official did.

My concern is whether private elites or the Chinese exploited Fauci or our funding and conspiracy on behalf of the CCP we are sacrificing the US to cover for...

We are spending all this time, energy, effort and money at the expense of the world and all the US division to needlessly cover up for human error which I think we could All forgive and would bring us closer to true responsibility and absolution. We need to drill down On the origins of all of this, I am moreso concern of private elites or foreign governments (CCP) and few US agents turning a "blind eye" by funding or double speak that led us to this knowing or without knowing the consequences and if such could there be a Biden correlation.

My concern beyond this hearing with Rand Paul

Is the substancial economic benefit Covid-19 has had to the CCP especially in context to the rest of the world which, could of been planned and designed prior to the potential "leak" and it's now newfound economic advantage to the rest of the world as a direct result of Covid-19... By which if true I would imagine worldwide sanctions against China is the only response.

A power as Nefarious as communism against free will and God or any power beyond man cannot be let to manipulate itself into any beacon of leadership by its own egrious actions and premeditation to come out on top from it. This inevitably resulting in a society willing to bow to man as God without core and subject to manipulation of any and all contemporary histrionics canabalizing on society's emotional trauma and investment of such perpetuation for personal exploitation.

There are serious questions regarding the possibility of this administrations willful attempt to destroy this country for backdoor personal reasons against the interest of the American people and those concerns deserve all of our investigative arsinol

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