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Atlanta and The Asian American Community

To end discrimination at large is to understand we have more in common than we do different. No matter what God, energy, universe, science or source one may believe in we all come from the same one. To end discrimination at large, which is a campaign goal at large we cannot bypass or suppress its existence, which is fundamentally contradictory to present times. We must uproot it and the only way to uproot is acknowledge that the inception of it's existence is fear and systemic perpetuation of divisiveness by the establishment elite in efforts to subvert our attention from the system which benefits from our mental, emotional and spiritual suppression. Which means all eyes should be on the system which directly benefits from capitalizing from our trauma responses, fears and coping mechanisms; food, sex, media, alcohol, drugs, sickness, tribalism out of systemic scarcity, antagonistic rhetoric or otherwise.

In regards to the Atlanta shooting tragedy, we may be taking unprecedented steps in ending all forms of discrimination by expanding on variants that composite such by adding objectification and sexual attraction into the conversation questioning the inception of the fundamental mechanics of how we perceive people at large...

Should Objectification fall under the discrimination and racism umbrella? I actually have been pressing this conversation since I was a minor and it's particular prevalence in the LGBT community. If we are grouping Objectification with racism and discrimination we have to have a MUCH deeper conversation in this country than just passing some bill. This would shift the very core of how we discern our Human experience as observers thereof In totality. We would then spotlight now only negative negative connotations against race but also once perceived to be glorified as well forcing society to distinguish between the contents of our character and essence juxtaposed to our meat suits at large.

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