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A tale as old as time, Soon it will be the left who may set the Capitol on Fire.

I'm saying this with as much compassion as possible.

If you look at the reactions, emotions and responses of most of the [constituency] of the well meaning histrionic left and those galvanized and weaponized by mainstream media you will see symptoms of a signs too familiar;

Trauma responses from severe narcissistic or cult abuse.

The responses are enmeshed with figments of imaginary enemies that are not present in the conversational threads, their responses are universally identical, the logical justifications are the same and they see Donald Trump everywhere they look. They respond to everyone as if it was Donald Trump they where talking to.

Many have been literally programmed to see Donald Trump everywhere. They respond to people talking about XYZ, as if they where an "Anti-Vaxxer" for example, when "Anti-Vaxxers" and no where to be found in a conversation or subject matter.

The Responses are uniform responses to figments of their imaginary enemies...

We must hold space and compassion for one, but more importantly, this means one thing...

For those who follow my Spiritual work Remember this stage of the awakening process?

It's the denial right before that one ray of light pierces and kills the darkness triggering a pendulum with a fuse so much more explosive than anything the abusing establishment could ever imagine set to shatter the identity, ego and existance of the establishment they subverted to.

They are about to awaken, pendulum, and cannonball the other direction anytime now.

It is the well intended left whom most longed, needed and desired to a warmth of the village, and now to do so, it will set it on fire if it has to.

If such a risk for domestic terror ever existed, it will soon likely be the left to set The Capitol on a proverbial fire.

The masculine unbalanced mind may act faster, more impulsively and without reason sure, but the galvanized emotions...

As they say, Hell Hath No Fury.

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