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17,280- 25,920 Hours of K-12 Schooling; and Critical Race Theory is what we come up with.

CTR Morality or lack thereof aside, We have 180 days in school, 8 hours a day for 12-18 years.

That is 17,280 - 25,920 hours of schooling.

"A law student may take no more than sixteen semester hours a semester"

So 16X6-10 is 96. - 160h

Real Estate licenses; 180h

Series 7 is 80-100h;,study%20to%20let%20concepts%20percolate.

Series 63 30h-40h;,hours%20over%20about%2010%20days.

Law Degrees 96H-160h;

Plumbing 24h;

All of those amount to 400h on the high end.

That's 50 SCHOOL DAYS! To do all of that.


Throw CRT out the window, WTH are we doing with those 25,920 hours of schooling?

I propose a complete overhaul of High School broken down to licensing eligible areas of study. Meaning Stagger Series 7 licensing with economics and finance, Real Estate licensing to civics principles of Real Estate Freshman Year with Civics or something like Real Estate law, sophomore with business law, so on and so forth.

I promise this will be much more productive for the educational betterment of people of color and their financial future.

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