Ruben Landon Dante For Congress

An All Americans First- First Principals Policy.

A first principals solution approach to politics. My political campaign is not about me, it is about setting legal measures in place to give Democracy back to the American people long after I am gone in this new technological Era

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All Americans First Policy

Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Gay, Straight, Trans, Homeless, Pink, Green, Purple, Galactic Americans First, NOT Only, First.

Not A Single Dollar for anything or anyone or any war anywhere else until every American Citizen is Clothed Fed and Sheltered. If we are so concerned about our debt ceiling we can start by paying back our fellow Americans the 14 acres and a mule to scale, then move on to our debt to the International globalist elite.

A First Principals Policy Approach

No More Pandering, Deflections, Political Hot Potatoes, Double Speak or Performative Wokeness.  


Why RLD?

To stand for "Limited Government" is to stand for Sovereign Collective and individual "FREE WILL"  The Republican Party has lost its way because it has FORGOTTEN mentally, emotionally and SPIRITUALLY what it stands for.  It is NOT In History book and it is NOT at church or in the bible unfortunately. The Founding of America follows universal laws. No matter what God you believe in we come from the same one. The party has sunken in consciousness to nothing beyond polarized pandering and gridlocking performative wokeness. When was the last time you bought a car because you liked the breaks? Never. The Republican Party was the Party of God First (Not Dogmatic, bigoted God made in man's image God) but the Universal Law of no matter what God you believe in we come from the same one God. The Universal Principals of Free Will, (Limited Government) Physical, Mental and Spiritual Freedom, Freedom of Speech and religion. (freedom from slavery, and Freedom from religion while Respecting it) Healthcare as an eminent need to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. (it was a republican idea first)  These were all congruent because we stood for something rooted in Universal Law free from hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance. We must once again rise to a party of universal laws, ideas, solutions and transcend gridlocking performative wokeness and histrionics.

No American Excluded Voter Confidence Restoration Multi-Prong Approach Act;

-Secure Elections by Biometric Software & Indefinite Public Access Verification while securing Identity Citing only last 4 of DMV-ID, Vote, Zip Code and/or Last 4 of Social and Two of Phone Number and ZIP, Numerical Address Number or any combination thereof. Even if only the Voter can verify Their own vote all through the process. Such software is already used by government for unemployment, Address changes would also be immediately tracked and instantly generate the voting ballot of such party’s proper jurisdiction with all state laws already programmed into the software or updated immediately. Even if such program were “hacked” the verification would be available and cited by the individual and collective if need by all through the process and should any excess votes per address or zip code registered voted it would to publicly known instantaneously to all pinging a county Biometric Re-verification in seconds such as broker platforms like “Interactive Brokers” already use. 


Ruben Landon Dante

The moment Government strengthens its power and stranglehold from a crisis of it's people is the moment Government and Freedom become a conflict of interest. The Government therefore and thereafter in direct opposition to the very people it was meant to protect for its self preservation of power.



Ruben Landon Dante For Congress

1000 Lago Mar, Texas City, TX 77687


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